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g-f(2)2175 GenAI for Business Advantage: A Leadership Roundtable


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GenAI: Powerhouse for Business Transformation:

This genioux Fact post explores insights from a leadership roundtable on generative AI (GenAI) at the GenAI Hackathon APAC Edition. Industry experts discuss GenAI's potential to transform businesses across various sectors.

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"GenAI offers a powerful tool for businesses, transforming industries by automating tasks, personalizing experiences, and creating new opportunities." — Fernando Machuca and Bard (Gemini), April 2, 2024

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The Leadership Summit on the GenAI Hackathon APAC Edition brings together thought leaders to explore the transformative potential of generative AI. Experts delve into how GenAI can automate tasks, personalize customer experiences, and generate innovative solutions across various industries like banking, retail, and media. Discussions highlight the importance of ethical considerations and clear business goals when applying GenAI for optimal results. This video offers valuable insights for leaders seeking to leverage GenAI for competitive advantage.


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Leadership Summit | GenAI Hackathon APAC Edition, Hack2skill, YouTube channel, March 13, 2024.

The power of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, and generative AI is poised to revolutionise entire industries. 

Become a part of the Virtual Round Table Discussion. 

  1. Deep Dive into Gen AI: Uncover hottest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the world of generative AI.
  2. Industry-Specific Impact: Explore how GenAI is revolutionising sectors like Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Retail & Ecommerce, and Media & Entertainment through real-world examples.
  3. Witness how AI is pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity across various fields.
  4. Join the conversation with leading minds as they share their perspectives on the future potential of generative AI.

Equip yourself with inspiring insights, promote innovative thinking, and heighten their readiness to tackle the GenAI Hackathon challenges.

For more information regarding the Google Cloud presents GenAI Hackathon, visit: 🔗 https://bit.ly/GoogleCloud-GenAI

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