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g-f(2)2137 China's Economic Charm Offensive: Wooing U.S. CEOs Amid Mounting Challenges


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The Wall Street Journal article "China Rolls Out Welcome Mat for U.S. CEOs as It Nods to Its Economic Problems" highlights China's efforts to reengage with American and Western corporate executives amid growing concerns about the country's economic prospects. The article focuses on the China Development Forum, an annual government-sponsored economic and business event, where Chinese Premier Li Qiang delivered a keynote speech acknowledging the challenges faced by the Chinese economy while emphasizing the country's long-term growth potential.

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"China is actively seeking to address foreign executives' concerns and attract investment by acknowledging economic challenges, engaging in dialogue, and implementing reforms, as the country faces slowing growth, declining foreign investment, and increasing security concerns." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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The article reports on the China Development Forum, an annual event where China pitches its economic prospects to American and Western corporate executives. This year's forum is particularly significant due to the presence of Chinese Premier Li Qiang, the highest-ranking leader to address the event since its inception in 2000. Li's participation underscores the elevated stakes for China's economy, which has been grappling with slowing growth, declining foreign investment, and growing fears surrounding the security environment.

In his keynote speech, Li acknowledged the concerns of foreign executives, including the risks associated with the real estate sector and local government debt. While he touted China's massive market and long-term growth prospects, his frank recognition of the challenges faced by the economy was a departure from the usual rhetoric. However, Li did not directly address security concerns or fears of China's overcapacity, which have become central preoccupations for many foreign businesses.

The article highlights that foreign investment in China has declined in recent years due to factors such as the U.S.-China trade war, the pandemic, and a lackluster post-Covid reopening. In response, China has stepped up its efforts to reengage with business leaders, including meetings between the Commerce Minister and CEOs of major companies like Apple, Qualcomm, and Micron.

China has also released an action plan to attract foreign investment and revised rules to ease the overseas transfer of certain types of data from China, a move that has been high on the wish list of many foreign companies. While these steps have been encouraging, foreign executives attending the forum expressed that further action on the reform front is needed before they modify their investment plans.

The article concludes by highlighting the remarks of Evan Greenberg, CEO of Chubb and co-chairman of the China Development Forum, who defended Chinese leaders' pursuit of their own vision of national security while emphasizing the critical role of the private sector in helping China realize its goals. Greenberg stressed that China still needs capital, technology, and know-how from the rest of the world, underscoring the importance of continued engagement between China and foreign businesses.


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Yoko Kubota, China Rolls Out Welcome Mat for U.S. CEOs as It Nods to Its Economic Problems, The Wall Street Journal, March 25, 2024.

Yoko Kubota

Yoko Kubota is The Wall Street Journal's deputy bureau chief in Beijing, responsible for business news coverage in China including the technology, autos, and consumer sectors.

She oversees a team of correspondents and researchers in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and New York. They together cover areas including Chinese and multinational companies, industry and trade policy, supply chain, and the tech rivalry between the U.S. and China.

Yoko previously worked as a technology reporter in the Beijing bureau, and as an automotive reporter in Tokyo. She began her journalistic career at Reuters in Tokyo, and before that worked in urban planning and city management in New York.

Yoko speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese. A native of Yokohama, she grew up in Japan and the U.S. and graduated from Princeton University.

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