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g-f(2)2113 The CEO's Dilemma: Balancing Business and Societal Responsibilities


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In an era marked by societal upheaval and increasingly vocal stakeholders, CEOs face a complex dilemma: whether, when, and how to take a stand on contentious issues. The article "Should Your Company Take a Stand?" by Adi Ignatius explores this quandary, drawing insights from research conducted by David M. Bersoff, Sandra J. Sucher, and Peter Tufano. Their findings illuminate public expectations and offer guidance for navigating this challenging landscape.

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"Companies should listen closely to stakeholders, be clear about which societal issues directly affect their business, and think carefully before making statements on unrelated issues, as a skeptical public may view such actions as virtue signaling or opportunism." —  Fernando Machuca and Claude

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In the article "Should Your Company Take a Stand?" Adi Ignatius addresses the challenge CEOs face in deciding whether to take a stand on societal issues while maintaining profitable businesses. The article references research by David M. Bersoff, Sandra J. Sucher, and Peter Tufano, who analyzed global public opinion surveys to understand people's expectations from executives and organizations.

The authors suggest that companies should:

  1. Listen closely to stakeholders
  2. Be clear about which societal issues directly affect their business
  3. Think carefully about making statements on unrelated issues, as a skeptical public may view such actions as "virtue signaling, CEO vanity activism, and opportunism"

The research also indicates that in many countries, people prefer that companies avoid taking positions on partisan political matters. The authors emphasize that people don't expect organizations to weigh in on every issue, even those important to their stakeholders' lives.

Ignatius shares his personal view, which aligns with the research findings. He believes that companies and CEOs should speak out sparingly, but once they have taken a stand, they should remain firm and not waver in response to pushback from any group of people.

The article highlights the delicate balance CEOs must strike between addressing societal issues and maintaining focus on their core business objectives, while also considering the expectations and perceptions of their stakeholders.


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Adi IgnatiusShould Your Company Take a Stand? Harvard Business ReviewFrom the Magazine (March–April 2024).

Adi Ignatius

Adi Ignatius is the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Business Review (HBR)¹⁴. Prior to joining HBR, he was the Deputy Managing Editor of TIME magazine¹. During his 12 years with TIME, Ignatius covered business and international issues, served as Editor of TIME Asia, and managed TIME's special editions¹. He has also overseen editorial activities at HBR,, and HBR's book-publishing unit⁴.

Before his tenure at TIME, Ignatius worked for many years at the Wall Street Journal, serving as the newspaper's bureau chief in Beijing and later in Moscow⁵. He has also authored a New York Times Bestseller List bestseller, "President Obama: The Path to the White House"⁵.

Ignatius is known for his in-depth analysis and ability to explain complex business and science topics in an accessible way¹⁴. His leadership and international perspective have been instrumental in shaping the editorial direction of HBR¹..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/22/2024

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