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Cognition, an AI technology startup, has introduced "Devin," touted as the world's first AI software developer. With the capability to manage the entire software development process autonomously, Devin promises to revolutionize the industry.

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""Devin" represents a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology, offering the ability to handle every aspect of software development, from coding to project management, freeing human engineers to focus on more creative endeavors." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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Cognition's unveiling of "Devin," the world's premier AI software engineer, marks a significant milestone in the realm of artificial intelligence. Backed by influential investors and equipped with unparalleled capabilities, Devin streamlines the software development lifecycle, enabling engineering teams to allocate tasks efficiently and pursue ambitious goals. As Cognition continues to expand access to Devin and refine its capabilities, the potential for AI to redefine traditional workflows and unleash innovation across diverse disciplines becomes increasingly tangible.


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Christopher McFaddenWorld’s 1st AI software engineer can make 1000s of decisions in a jiffyInteresting Engineering (IE), March 13, 2024.

Christopher McFadden

Christopher McFadden is an associate editor at Interesting Engineering, based in Hong Kong¹. He graduated from Cardiff University in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Geology¹. Since then, he has worked within the Built Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Consultancy industries¹. He is a qualified and accredited Energy Consultant, Green Deal Assessor, and Practitioner member of IEMA¹. His main interests range from Science and Engineering, Military and Ancient History to Politics and Philosophy¹. He has written about various topics, including military and defense-related topics³, and tech companies².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/14/2024

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Introducing Devin, the first AI software engineer

Introducing Devin, the first AI software engineerCognition, YouTube channel, March 12, 2024.

Cognition's Summary:

Meet Devin, the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer.‍

Devin is a tireless, skilled teammate, equally ready to build alongside you or independently complete tasks for you to review.

With Devin, engineers can focus on more interesting problems and engineering teams can strive for more ambitious goals.

Learn more about Devin and Cognition at and follow us on Twitter @cognition_labs.

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