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g-f(2)2046 Beyond Algorithms: Why Human Wisdom Trumps AI Dangers


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"To be honest, what concerns me more is the lack of control from humans, who are still making wars after 2,000 years" – Leonardo CEO Roberto Cingolani


The article "‘Stupidity’ poses a bigger threat than AI, CEO of Italian defense giant Leonardo says" highlights Italian defense giant Leonardo CEO Roberto Cingolani's perspective that human failures to manage conflict pose a greater risk than AI itself, underscoring the need for responsible technological governance alongside addressing root causes of human-inflicted harm.

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While acknowledging AI's potential benefits and disruptive impacts on labor markets, Cingolani asserts that as a human-created tool, AI's dangers stem more from misuse and historical human shortcomings in maintaining peace than inherent technological flaws.

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  1. Cingolani emphasizes that AI systems, despite growing autonomy, remain fundamentally human-designed algorithms.
  2. He suggests technology is neutral, with its merits or risks determined by the intentions and wisdom of human users.
  3. The IMF warns AI could affect 40% of jobs globally and risks worsening inequality without proactive policies.
  4. AI advocates highlight benefits like accelerated medical diagnoses, climate modeling and cybersecurity.
  5. Cingolani calls for responsible AI integration in defense via "massive digitalization" of autonomous systems.


Cingolani's tech-neutral view and concern over human conflict underscore the need for a dual approach - building robust ethical frameworks for powerful emerging technologies like AI while urgently addressing the sociological and policy roots of human failures to cooperatively leverage tools. Realizing AI's benefits and mitigating risks hinges on human choices.


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Sam Meredith, ‘Stupidity’ poses a bigger threat than AI, CEO of Italian defense giant Leonardo says, CNBC, March 1, 2024.

Sam Meredith

Sam Meredith is a Correspondent at CNBC International based in London¹². He specializes in covering climate, energy, and international politics¹². With a strong background in journalism, Meredith has contributed to various news outlets such as NBC News, RealClearEnergy, and The West Australian². His work covers a wide range of topics including geopolitical events, economic issues, and environmental concerns².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/6/2024

(1) Sam Meredith - CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/sam-meredith/.

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(3) IEA: Russia oil revenues fall as West's price cap starts to bite - CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/15/iea-russia-oil-revenues-fall-as-wests-price-cap-starts-to-bite.html.

Copilot's Summary

The CEO of Italian defense group Leonardo, Roberto Cingolani, expressed his views on artificial intelligence (AI) in an interview with CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe". He stated that he is more concerned about the "stupidity" of users of AI rather than the threats posed by the technology itself¹. 

Cingolani emphasized that AI is a tool created and controlled by humans, and the real concern lies in the lack of control from humans, who are still making wars after 2,000 years¹. He added that he is more worried about national stupidity than artificial intelligence¹.

He also highlighted the potential benefits of AI, such as fast-tracking patient diagnoses, modeling climate change, and fighting cyberattacks¹. However, he acknowledged the International Monetary Fund's report that nearly 40% of jobs worldwide could be affected by the rise of AI¹.

Cingolani further discussed the need for defense companies like Leonardo to introduce a "massive digitalization" of their platforms, including providing autonomous systems and services that are AI-powered¹. He described this as a complete change of paradigm and a different technological approach to defense and security¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/6/2024

(1) Defense: Leonardo CEO says stupidity poses a bigger threat than AI - CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/01/defense-leonardo-ceo-says-stupidity-poses-a-bigger-threat-than-ai.html.

(2) Leonardo CEO Asserts Human 'Stupidity' a Greater Threat Than AI ... - MSN. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/leonardo-ceo-asserts-human-stupidity-a-greater-threat-than-ai-at-davos-forum/ar-BB1jcReR.

(3) 'Stupidity' poses a bigger threat than AI, CEO of Italian defense giant .... https://www.newswall.org/story/stupidity-poses-a-bigger-threat-than-ai-ceo-of-italian-defense-giant-leonardo-says.

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