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g-f(2)1999 Nvidia's AI Ecstasy: $250 Billion Eruption Affirms New Computing Era


Nvidia Sparks New Computing Gold Rush, Affirms AI Supremacy

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The article "Nvidia Declares AI a ‘Whole New Industry’—and Investors Agreediscusses how Nvidia, the leading maker of AI chips, is seeing massive growth and investment fueled by the AI boom, signaling the dawn of a promising new computing era.

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"Nvidia's stratospheric rise heralds AI as the catalyst for the next great computing revolution, cementing the company's dominance as its trillion-dollar leader." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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With its stock rocketing to near a $2 trillion valuation and surging sales expected to reach $24 billion next quarter driven by AI chips, Nvidia is affirmed as the supernova at the epicenter of AI’s computing transformation.

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  1. Nvidia's CEO declared AI is spawning entirely new industries and doubling data centers, with tech giants engaged in an escalating innovation arms race.
  2. Nvidia quintupled its market cap in 2022 to become the world’s largest chipmaker thanks to its unparalleled 80% share of AI's foundational chips.
  3. Hungry rivals like AMD, Amazon, and Google, and startups with titans like Microsoft's backing cannot yet displace Nvidia’s sizable software-based ecosystem edge. Competitors like AMD are starting to make inroads, projecting $3.5 billion in AI chip sales soon.
  4. Critics warn reliance on supplying mega-cloud customers like Microsoft and Amazon could become a threat longer-term.
  5. Nvidia’s over decade-long head start in AI software tools, platforms and collaboration gives it an uncatchable strategic advantage as the AI age dawns.
  6. OpenAI seeks $7 trillion to fund AI infrastructure and reduce reliance on Nvidia's costly chips.
  7. Export controls on China sales and chip shortages pose near-term headaches amid stellar growth.
  8. Wall Street analysts have revised targets up to $1,000 per share as AI cements Nvidia's structural leadership.
  9. Software tools and ecosystems crafted over a decade give Nvidia an advantage rivals can't easily replicate.
  10. AI has shifted from hype to a durable mega-industry with vast riches still untouched by most companies.


Nvidia’s eruptive ascent to over $1 trillion cements its status as the AI chip emperor supremely positioned to shape and extract boundless riches from the next great computing revolution it sparked. But with AI poised to transform industries infinitely, fast-moving challengers will continue taking shots at the king.


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Asa FitchNvidia Declares AI a ‘Whole New Industry’—and Investors Agree, The Wall Street Journal, February 22, 2024.

Asa Fitch

Asa Fitch is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, based in the San Francisco bureau¹. He covers semiconductor companies, including Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm¹. Prior to his move to California, he spent a decade as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East¹. He joined The Wall Street Journal in Dubai, where he initially covered business and finance before shifting to cover regional politics and conflicts in Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and the Palestinian territories¹. Asa began his career as a general-news reporter in Connecticut and a personal finance reporter in New York¹. He is a graduate of Carleton College and Columbia University's journalism school¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/22/2024

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