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g-f(2)1980 The g-f New World: A Tale of Triumph, Progress, and Global Threats


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genioux Foundational Fact of the Day (2/17/2024):

In the realm of the g-f New World, the victors of the g-f Transformation Game achieve their triumphs through the power of g-f golden knowledge.

Within the g-f New World, the progress of both human and artificial intelligence is a daily spectacle of beauty.

The volume of fresh g-f golden knowledge generated each day is truly awe-inspiring.

Regrettably, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, who lead two remarkable nations - the Chinese and the Russian, persist in their cycle of mistakes, overconfidence, and misinformation. The fallout of their misguided leadership is borne by their respective countries and they stand as a significant menace to the global community.

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