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g-f(2)1970 With Great Automation Comes Greater Appreciation for Great Humanity


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Technical capabilities like coding risk becoming less differentiating given AI's rapid progress, elevating social skills and emotional intelligence as enduring human strengths that will grow more pivotal in work.

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"Our abilities to effectively communicate, develop empathy, and think critically have allowed humans to collaborate, innovate, and adapt for millenniums. Those skills are ones we all possess and can improve, yet they have never been properly valued in our economy or prioritized in our education and training." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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While occupations requiring significant technical expertise may transform considerably, capabilities grounded in relationship-building and creativity promise to constitute the persistent human advantage – demanding rebalanced skill development priorities and potentially enabling more equitable economic outcomes.

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  1. Generative AI threatens nearly all jobs to some degree, necessitating widespread retraining around less automatable strengths.
  2. Technical skills have been overemphasized given high pay and perceptions of future-proof roles, yielding severe skill imbalances.
  3. Prevalent people-oriented capabilities represent our most inimitable core competencies with universal potential for improvement.
  4. Economic shifts entering periods valuing technical aptitudes eventually give way to new dynamics elevating human skills.
  5. Emotional and social adeptness constitutes the current shortage hampering organizational performance despite AI hype.
  6. Leaders across education, policy and business must champion developing collaborative abilities with equivalent rigor to technical ones.
  7. Blending complementary AI and human skills promises unprecedented collective potential across endeavors.
  8. Workforce training must keep pace with economic transformations, not cling to backward-looking or siloed models.
  9. Rebalancing skills can concurrently address persistent gender gaps rooted in biased assumptions.
  10. In the relationship economy, realizing our interdependent destiny demands interpersonal aptitudes.


This age of burgeoning AI might ironically become anchored around heart over mind, compelling societies to finally tap the full power of our shared humanity.


The GK Essay

Aneesh Raman and Maria Flynn, When Your Technical Skills Are Eclipsed, Your Humanity Will Matter More Than Ever, The New York Times, February 14, 2024.

Aneesh Raman

Aneesh Raman is a Vice President at LinkedIn and the head of the company's Opportunity Project, which is focused on building a more dynamic and equitable global labor market¹²³. He has a diverse background, having worked as a CNN war correspondent and as a speechwriter for President Obama¹². 

Raman is leading an effort to help build a more efficient and equitable labor market by engaging with leaders from the public and private sector. His work centers around making skills-first thinking mainstream in talent management, which is a priority for LinkedIn². 

He believes that job titles and college degrees will matter less and less as AI advancements require employers to develop a skills-first mindset¹. He also emphasizes the importance of adaptability and soft skills like communication, creativity, and empathy in the age of AI¹. 

Raman's insights are based on LinkedIn’s research on how generative AI is changing work and creating expanded economic opportunities for people without standard career paths and educational backgrounds¹..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/15/2024

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Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the President and CEO of Jobs for the Future (JFF)¹. She is committed to JFF’s vision of equitable economic advancement for all and her leadership in workforce policy has made her a national authority on the future of work, the role of technology in the labor market, and career pathways for learners and workers underserved by the education and workforce systems¹.

As CEO, she has led JFF’s growth and evolution into a leading-edge organization. She launched JFFLabs to help forge connections between traditional education and workforce systems and innovative companies designing technology-driven solutions to challenges facing workers, learners, educators, employers, and policymakers¹.

Under her leadership, JFF acquired the Employment Technology Fund, now operating under JFF Ventures, JFF’s impact investing arm for funds focused exclusively on startups using emerging technologies to improve economic advancement opportunities for workers in low-wage jobs¹.

She also oversaw the acquisition of EQOS, a nonprofit whose framework workers, learners, and employers can use to assess the quality of education and training programs and identify those that lead to equitable economic advancement¹.

Before becoming CEO in 2016, Maria was JFF’s senior vice president and led the Building Economic Opportunity Group, which focused on helping entry-level workers advance to family-supporting careers while enabling employers to build and sustain a productive workforce¹.

Before joining JFF in 2007, Flynn was a member of the federal government’s Senior Executive Service. In the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, she oversaw the development of policies for training programs serving both young people and adults, supervised the agency’s research and evaluation strategy, and managed the development of its $12 billion annual budget¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/15/2024

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Copilot's Summary

The New York Times essay, "When Your Technical Skills Are Eclipsed, Your Humanity Will Matter More Than Ever," written by Aneesh Raman and Maria Flynn, argues that in the era of generative AI, uniquely human skills like collaboration, strategic communication, and imagination are more important than ever¹². 

They suggest that as AI continues to advance and automate many technical tasks, the value of human skills that cannot be replicated by AI will increase. These include the ability to collaborate with others, communicate strategically, and use imagination to innovate and solve problems¹².

The essay emphasizes the importance of these human skills in the future of work and suggests that they will become increasingly critical as AI continues to evolve and impact various industries¹².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/15/2024

(1) When Your Technical Skills Are Eclipsed, Your Humanity Will Matter More ....

(2) When your technical skills are eclipsed, your humanity will matter more ....

(3) undefined.

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