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g-f(2)1965 Navigating the Innovation Supernova Powering the AI Chip Space


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The race to supply chips powering surging AI workloads sees Nvidia maintaining dominance but facing escalating competition from rivals like AMD, several startups, and hyper-scale efforts as generative models drive enormous demand.

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"Nvidia owns the data center when it comes to AI accelerators. It isn’t even a close race, from a market share, hardware, software, and ecosystem standpoint." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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Nvidia enjoys roughly a 90% market share presently, but AMD's new MI300 chip and revamped software pose a credible threat to grabbing the #2 position. Meanwhile, custom silicon from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon promises to reshape internal infrastructures and cloud offerings.

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  1. Nvidia's new chips and internal AI design tools will sustain market leadership despite encroaching rivals.
  2. Lack of transparency around performance claims weakens competitors' attempts to match Nvidia's credibility.
  3. Startups like Cerebras and Groq target niche high-performance segments for training and inference.
  4. AMD is forecasted to hit $10 billion in AI revenues over the next few years if execution matches potential.
  5. Success depends extensively on ecosystems spanning libraries, frameworks, and models built over years.
  6. Server CPU improvements make Intel a wildcard competitor if their next Gaudi accelerator impresses.
  7. Qualcomm provides surprisingly impressive inference price-performance serving mainstream clouds.
  8. Google's TPUv5 PODs showcase extremely rapid internal progress on custom solutions.
  9. New entrants struggle to match incumbents' software ecosystems nurtured through massive investments.
  10. Nvidia's willingness to explore custom partnerships recognizes shifting customer preferences.


The AI chip landscape promises intensifying competition with technology and business model innovations determining winners beyond just speeds and feeds.


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Karl FreundAI Chip Vendors: A Look At Who’s Who In The Zoo In 2024, Forbes, February 13, 2024.

Karl Freund

Karl Freund is a contributor to Forbes, where he shares his insights on hardware and services being built to enable Artificial Intelligence¹. He is the founder and principal analyst of Cambrian-AI Research LLC¹. His articles primarily focus on technology and artificial intelligence, with a significant emphasis on NVIDIA and its CEO Jensen Huang¹. He also covers topics related to start-ups, government impact on the tech industry, and AI applications in various fields¹. Before his current role, he had a diverse career in the tech industry, including a stint at Qualcomm³. His clients include dozens of public and private semiconductor companies and investors, for whom he publishes research papers and provides marketing advice³..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 2/14/2024

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