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g-f(2)1680 Adapting to the Future of Work: Talent Management Strategies in the Age of AI


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The rapidly evolving landscape of work is confronting leaders with unprecedented challenges, especially as artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes fundamental aspects of our professional lives. In this dynamic environment, traditional playbooks, particularly in talent management, are becoming obsolete, demanding a strategic shift. As the CEO of LinkedIn, Ryan Roslansky navigates us through the transformative impact of AI on work and highlights three crucial shifts that businesses must embrace to thrive in the age of AI.

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"In the age of AI, the evolution of work demands a departure from traditional playbooks. Embracing change and adapting talent management strategies to three key shifts is not just necessary—it's the imperative for businesses aiming for success in the dynamic era of artificial intelligence." — Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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The seismic shift introduced by AI necessitates a reevaluation of talent management paradigms. Leaders must discard outdated playbooks and proactively adapt to the evolving nature of work, recognizing that the future success of businesses hinges on navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

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Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

  1. Jobs redefined as a collection of skills and tasks, not titles, enable businesses to assess automation susceptibility and focus on upskilling for complex tasks.
  2. Unilever's innovative U-Work model demonstrates the benefits of redefining roles based on skills, fostering internal talent mobility and agility.
  3. The emergence of a new job category, "AI transformation," underscores the critical need for businesses to align AI tools with workforce strategies.
  4. Workforce learning takes center stage as jobs undergo rapid transformation; companies must adopt a "training to hire" and "training to promote" mindset.
  5. IBM's successful apprenticeship program exemplifies the effectiveness of prioritizing skills-first thinking, committing to invest in future-ready talent.
  6. Genpact's AI-enabled learning platform showcases the power of personalized reskilling paths, empowering a global workforce to adapt to AI-led changes.
  7. AI facilitates human-to-human collaboration by automating mundane tasks, allowing employees to focus on innovation and strategic responsibilities.
  8. Microsoft's Work Trend Index highlights employees' eagerness to delegate tasks to AI, emphasizing the potential for enhancing productivity and reducing workloads.
  9. AI empowers customer service teams to tackle complex inquiries, illustrating its potential to elevate workforce effectiveness by automating routine tasks.
  10. AI's transformative impact mirrors historical technological shifts, with the potential to create unforeseen job opportunities and reshape the world of work.

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As AI becomes an integral part of our professional landscape, leaders are presented with an opportunity to redefine systems and pathways for a more equitable, dynamic, and transparent future of work. By embracing the challenges of the AI era, leaders can foster economic opportunity, innovation, and growth on unprecedented scales, shaping a future where AI is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our work and lives. The responsibility to create this future rests with leaders willing to adapt, innovate, and build a world of work that transcends the limitations of today. Ryan Roslansky, as the CEO of LinkedIn, provides insights that illuminate the path forward in this defining moment for the age of AI.


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Ryan Roslansky, Talent Management in the Age of AI, Harvard Business Review, December 4, 2023.

Ryan Roslansky

Ryan Roslansky is the CEO of LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most powerful network of professionals¹². He joined LinkedIn in May 2009 and has held leadership roles in every part of LinkedIn’s business¹². As the CEO, Ryan has more than doubled LinkedIn’s business to north of $15 billion in annual revenue, while growing the platform to record levels of engagement, with over 1 billion members, 67 million companies, 133 thousand schools and 41 thousand skills¹. 

Before becoming CEO in June 2020, Ryan held the role of global head of product where he oversaw all teams responsible for building and creating the next generation of LinkedIn products and experiences¹. He set the company’s product strategy and oversaw product development, user experience, business development, and customer operations¹. 

Ryan Roslansky was born on December 4, 1977, in South Lake Tahoe, California². He left college in his sophomore year to focus full time on a company he and two roommates created². He became CEO of the company, Housing Media, and in 1999 it was acquired by USHousing.com². He then went to Yahoo!, where he met and worked under Jeff Weiner for five years². After a short stint at Glam Media, Roslansky went to LinkedIn in 2009 as one of Weiner's first hires²³. Weiner named Roslansky his replacement as LinkedIn CEO on February 5, 2020².

In addition to his role at LinkedIn, Ryan also serves on the board of directors for Intuit and on the Board of Trustees for the Paley Center for Media¹². He is the host of a successful video series, podcast and newsletter called The Path where he interviews notable CEOs and leaders about their career journeys¹. He is also an investor and advisor to companies including Wealthfront, NerdWallet, UserTesting,, Cricket Health, Darwin Homes, Fortella, ScoreBeyond, and more²..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/6/2023

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