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Introduction by Fernando

We live in the g-f New World where the AI revolution is not just picking up speed but also acting as a driving force for digital transformation in personal, business, organizational, and national domains. This revolution is also triggering a wave of other disruptions.

The GK article from HBR, titled “Generative AI Will Transform Virtual Meetings,” illustrates the profound impact generative AI will have on reshaping the conduct of meetings.

Your company’s video conferencing system probably uses rudimentary AI to record meetings and create transcripts. But over the next few months, thanks to generative AI, your software will gain capabilities that will completely upend how online meetings are conducted. Some of the newest features already being tested include automatically generating meeting minutes, assigning action items, creating Q&A meeting summaries, and more. 

Generative AI will forever change the way meetings are conducted. Shortly, meetings will offer personalized content and purpose-driven expertise, while also serving as guardians against bias and promoting active learning. As AI continues to advance, every meeting holds the promise of being productive, efficient, and influential, unlocking infinite possibilities for teams and organizations.

Meetings Reimagined: How Generative AI Can Reshape Collaboration


As video calls become ubiquitous for collaboration, AI unlocks fresh potential to enhance engagement, productivity, and inclusion. Advances promise to facilitate idea exchange, foster learning, and promote ethical behavior at unprecedented levels.

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"Generative AI can personalize meeting content to learning styles, ensure purpose alignment, curb biases, and catalyze individual growth - transforming groups into collective forces of progress." — Fernando Machuca and Claude

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genioux Foundational Fact

The article outlines 12 use cases where generative AI will redefine online meetings, grouped into 4 areas - personalized content for different learning preferences, purpose facilitation, bias mitigation, and active learning promotion. While early experiments show promise, realizing the full potential necessitates focusing technology on addressing underlying human dynamics.

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Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

Personalized Content

  1. Multiple narratives from core content tuned to visual, reading, and auditory styles
  2. Simulcast tailored delivery like infographics or interactive exercises
  3. Warnings on facilitator alignment to audience diversity

Purpose Alignment

  1. Recommend optimal frameworks and experts for meeting goals
  2. Real-time game board scoring engagement and environment
  3. Auto-detect standout moments for future learning

Bias Prevention

  1. Interrupt bias through chat warnings or halting meetings
  2. Self-awareness reports to leaders on growth areas
  3. Proactive incident escalation to HR based on analytics

Learning Promotion

  1. Fuel conversations through context-aware, just-in-time information retrieval
  2. Personalized recommendations to improve communication skills
  3. Benchmark team health to enable early conflict resolution


With thoughtful implementation elevating collective growth, generative AI can redefine collaborative experiences to push the frontiers of human potential. But technology alone cannot transcend; the compass must point to purpose.


The GK Article

Dash BibhudattaGenerative AI Will Transform Virtual MeetingsHarvard Business Review, November 29, 2023.

Dash Bibhudatta

Dash Bibhudatta is the founder of Infinite Possibilities¹⁴. He is a leader in Generative AI software services and has held leadership roles at McKinsey & Co, Microsoft, and Siemens over the last three decades⁴. Infinite Possibilities offers software engineering services that help clients transition to next-gen technologies such as AI & ML, Cloud, Data & Video Analytics, IoT, Edge, etc¹. The company's product, "BotsEye," is a Cloud + Edge-based Data & Video Analytics product, and NeoTrack is the market-leading mobility solution¹. These product solutions serve around 200,000 end users, 8,000+ vehicles, 350+ institutions across 15+ different locations in India and abroad¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/30/2023

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Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/27/2023

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Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/27/2023

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