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g-f(2)1614 Amazon's 'AI Ready' Revolution: A Blueprint for Bridging the Talent Gap


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In a bid to secure a competitive advantage in the ongoing talent arms race with industry giants like Microsoft and Google, Amazon has initiated a groundbreaking program named "AI Ready." This initiative seeks to train a substantial workforce in artificial intelligence (AI) skills, particularly focusing on generative AI technology, as Amazon strives to bridge the talent gap and reassert its position in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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"Amazon's 'AI Ready' program, training two million individuals in generative AI by 2025, epitomizes a strategic move to democratize AI education. This effort not only addresses Amazon's internal talent needs but also aligns with a broader industry recognition that AI proficiency is pivotal for the future workforce. The initiative underscores Amazon's commitment to empowering both its workforce and enterprise clients with transformative AI skills, reflecting a realization that the true potential of AI relies on a prepared and adept workforce." Fernando Machuca and ChatGPT

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As AI continues its transformative journey, Amazon's commitment to reskilling workers through 'AI Ready' highlights a critical industry shift. The program recognizes that the future workforce must not only embrace AI but actively participate in shaping its trajectory. By focusing on generative AI and offering free online courses, Amazon aims not only to fill the current talent gap but also to foster a culture of ongoing learning and adaptability in the face of rapidly evolving technologies.

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Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

  1. Amazon's "AI Ready" program aims to train at least two million individuals by 2025 in various levels of AI skills, emphasizing generative AI technology.
  2. The training comprises eight online courses tailored for individuals with tech and tech-adjacent roles, targeting both beginners and those with more experience.
  3. Corporate awareness is growing about AI's potential impact on jobs across industries, leading to increased experimentation with generative AI applications.
  4. Corporate retraining initiatives are in early stages as companies navigate the evolving landscape of AI's influence on different roles within organizations.
  5. The generative AI courses provided by Amazon are free and accessible online, contributing to the broader effort to democratize AI education.
  6. A survey by Amazon and consulting firm Access Partnership indicates that nearly three-fourths of employers face challenges in finding the AI talent they need.
  7. Amazon's VP of Data and AI, Swami Sivasubramanian, emphasizes the transformative potential of AI and the necessity of a skilled workforce to harness it fully.
  8. The AI training program seeks to benefit not only Amazon but also its enterprise customers by creating a pool of AI-educated professionals.
  9. Amazon acknowledges a shortage of AI specialists and sees the program as a means to address this gap while fostering a collaborative AI-educated workforce.
  10. The initiative includes courses on Amazon's own platforms, such as Bedrock AI and CodeWhisperer, further integrating the workforce with the company's AI ecosystem.

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Amazon's ambitious move to launch "AI Ready" demonstrates a strategic commitment to not only fill the AI talent gap but also contribute to the broader goal of preparing the workforce for the transformative impact of AI. By focusing on generative AI and offering free courses, Amazon positions itself at the forefront of efforts to democratize AI education, signaling a paradigm shift in how companies approach reskilling in the era of advanced technologies.


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Sebastian Herrera and Chip Cutter, Amazon Launches Free AI Classes in Bid to Win Talent Arms Race, The Wall Street Journal, November 20, 2023.

Sebastian Herrera

Sebastian Herrera is a technology reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where he covers Amazon and other large technology companies³. Based in San Francisco, his focus is on and the broader ecommerce industry¹. He has written about various topics including the unionization movement at Amazon, the company's growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, and its dominant delivery services¹. Prior to this, he worked at the Austin American-Statesman and the Houston Chronicle, covering the city's tech scene, local politics, education, and more¹. His reporting has shed light on the power of large tech companies, the politics and money influencing local school districts, and the transformation of Austin¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/20/2023

(1) Sebastian Herrera says great journalism goes beyond checking a box ....

(2) Sebastian Herrera — Reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

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Chip Cutter

Chip Cutter is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, based in New York, where he covers workplace, management, and leadership issues¹². His stories often explore how work is changing today, with a focus on return-to-office efforts, hybrid work, and the challenges posed by the pandemic¹². Prior to joining The Wall Street Journal, Cutter was a managing editor at LinkedIn, where he oversaw original news and commentary on the site¹. He began his career as a business reporter at the Associated Press¹. His work has won a Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (Sabew) award for his coverage of national labor issues¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/20/2023

(1) Chip Cutter — Reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

(2) Chip Cutter — Reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

(3) Chip Cutter | WSJ Tech Live.

(4) Chip Cutter | WSJ Women In.

Bing Chatbot: Amazon has launched a free program called "AI Ready"

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

Amazon has launched a free program called "AI Ready" with the aim of providing generative AI training to two million people globally by 2025⁶. The initiative includes eight free AI and generative AI courses². The courses are designed to teach workers skills around artificial intelligence as Amazon competes for talent with rivals including Microsoft and OpenAI². The program is part of Amazon's efforts to "democratize" generative AI education⁶. The courses cater to both beginners and those with more experience, and can form the foundation for professionals to prepare for the jobs and skills now needed in the industry¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/20/2023

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(2) Amazon to offer free ‘AI Ready’ courses as competition with Microsoft, OpenAI heats up.

(3) Amazon Launches Free AI Classes in Bid to Win Talent Arms Race.

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(5) I spent a weekend with Amazon's free AI courses, and highly ... - ZDNET.

(6) 7 free and low-cost AWS courses that can help you use generative AI.

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Bard: Amazon has launched a new initiative to provide free AI training courses

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

Amidst the intensifying competition for skilled AI professionals, Amazon has made a strategic move by launching a new initiative to provide free AI training courses. This comprehensive program, aptly named "AI Ready," aims to equip at least two million individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the ever-evolving realm of AI by 2025.

The program's curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of AI concepts, ranging from fundamental principles to advanced applications. Participants will gain proficiency in utilizing machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI-powered technologies, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the rapidly expanding AI industry.

Amazon's decision to offer these courses at no cost underscores the company's commitment to fostering a skilled and diverse AI workforce. By democratizing access to AI education, Amazon is not only addressing the talent shortage but also empowering individuals to pursue rewarding careers in this transformative field.

Moreover, this initiative aligns with Amazon's broader efforts to shape the future of AI. By equipping a larger pool of individuals with AI expertise, Amazon is laying the groundwork for a more innovative and inclusive AI ecosystem. As the demand for AI solutions continues to surge, Amazon's investment in talent development is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of AI innovation.

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