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g-f(2)1607 OpenAI Shakeup Driven by Scientist Ilya Sutskever's AI Safety Focus


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Speculation abounds regarding the OpenAI leadership shakeup involving chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, who is focused on preventing AI superintelligence from going rogue.

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"Ilya Sutskever, a pioneer in AI, is spearheading research at OpenAI on aligning superintelligent systems to human values and goals." Fernando Machuca and Claude

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Sutskever has shifted his focus at OpenAI to steering AI systems, including future superintelligent ones, towards intended ethical goals and avoiding unintended harmful objectives, known as "alignment."

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  1. Sutskever studied under Geoffrey Hinton, known as the godfather of AI, who warned of dangers from the AI race.
  2. He co-created breakthrough AI system AlexNet showing neural network prowess at pattern recognition.
  3. Hired by Google, he advanced language abilities of neural networks.
  4. Elon Musk recruited Sutskever to OpenAI to counterbalance Google's AI concentration.
  5. At OpenAI he was key in developing large language models like GPT-3 and DALL-E.
  6. After ChatGPT's success, his focus shifted to mitigating existential threats from superintelligent AI.
  7. He believes superintelligence surpassing humans could arrive in 10 years.
  8. Leadership shakeup linked to disagreements over commercialization pace and AI safety steps.
  9. In July he announced an OpenAI project on "superalignment" to steer superintelligence.
  10. He warns superintelligence could empower humanity or lead to extinction.

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Pioneer Ilya Sutskever is at the center of OpenAI's changes, driven by his pursuit of aligning AI systems all the way to superintelligence with human values, for the benefit not harm of humanity.


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Steve MollmanWho is Ilya Sutskever, the man at the center of OpenAI’s leadership shakeup—and why is he so worried about AI superintelligence going rogue?, Fortune, 

Steve Mollman

Steve Mollman is the Senior Weekend Editor at Fortune. He previously worked at Newsweek, Quartz, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and elsewhere. His writing has also appeared in CNN, Time, Yahoo Finance, The Atlantic, Defense One, and many other publications. Follow all of Steve's stories here.

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