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Introduction by Fernando:

Adam Grant, harnessing his human intelligence, has penned a remarkable book that propels the journey of Personal Digital Transformation (g-f PDT). For the billions who might not acquire the book, they can still access valuable insights from an engaging interview with Adam on YouTube titled “Adam Grant | Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things | Talks at Google.” Under my guidance, Bing Chatbot has performed an exceptional task of extracting actionable golden knowledge (GK), laying the foundation for limitless growth for everyone. Bing Chatbot’s collaboration has also resulted in excellent summaries.

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In a recent Talks at Google, organizational psychologist Adam Grant shared insights from his new book, “Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things”. He discussed the importance of character skills, the role of discomfort in growth, and the need to embrace imperfections.

genioux GK Nugget:

"Embrace discomfort and imperfections to unlock your hidden potential. Seek advice and engage critics constructively to foster growth and learning." — Fernando Machuca and Bing Chatbot

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

genioux Foundational Fact:

Adam Grant’s talk at Google centered around the concept that success is not solely tied to innate ability but involves growth over time, embracing discomfort, keeping things interesting, and the effective exchange of advice.

10 Relevant genioux Facts:

  1. Success is about growth over time more than it’s about notching victories.
  2. The feeling of discomfort is a signal that you’re about to learn something new.
  3. We might grow more when we deliberately step outside our comfort zone.
  4. It’s OK — even good — to make mistakes along the way.
  5. Avoid “bore out” — the emotional exhaustion we feel when we’re chronically under-stimulated.
  6. Incorporate play and novelty into your learning routines.
  7. Take a break and work on something else you enjoy when you feel stuck.
  8. Ask for advice instead of feedback as it focuses on future improvements.
  9. Giving advice to others also improves our own performance.
  10. Embrace some discomfort and have the discipline to tolerate some minor mistakes that are part of growth.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age


Adam Grant’s talk provides valuable insights into how we can unlock our hidden potential by embracing discomfort, seeking advice, and tolerating imperfections. His insights challenge us to rethink our approach to success and encourage us to embark on a journey of continuous learning and growth.


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Adam Grant | Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things | Talks at GoogleTalks at GoogleYouTubeOctober 24, 2023.

Description of the video: Talks at Google is delighted to welcome one of its most requested ‘dream speakers’: Adam Grant. 

Adam is an organizational psychologist at Wharton, bestselling author of “Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know,” and host of the chart-topping podcasts WorkLife & Re:Thinking. He joins us to discuss his much anticipated upcoming book Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things. 

Adam Grant biography

Adam Grant, born on August 13, 1981, is an American author and organizational psychologist¹. He is currently the Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania⁴. He has been recognized as Wharton’s top-rated professor for seven straight years⁵.

Grant received his B.A from Harvard University, followed by an M.S. and Ph.D from the University of Michigan⁴. Before pursuing a career in academia, Grant was the advertising director at Let's Go Publications and a professional magician¹.

He is a leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning, and live more generous and creative lives⁵. He has been recognized as one of the world’s 10 most influential management thinkers and Fortune’s 40 under 40⁵.

Grant is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of 5 books that have sold millions of copies and been translated into 45 languages: Think Again, Give and Take, Originals, Option B, and Power Moves². His books have been named among the year’s best by Amazon, Apple, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal².

In addition to his writing career, Grant hosts the TED podcasts Re:Thinking and WorkLife, which have been downloaded over 65 million times. His TED talks on languishing, original thinkers, and givers and takers have over 30 million views²..

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/28/2023

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Melinda Wenner Moyer3 Ways to Unlock Your ‘Hidden Potential’The New York Times, October 26, 2023.

Melinda Wenner Moyer

Melinda Wenner Moyer is a renowned science journalist and author based in the Hudson Valley, New York¹. She is a contributing editor at Scientific American and a columnist for Slate¹. She has a background in cell and molecular biology and holds a master's degree in Science, Health & Environmental Reporting from New York University².

Melinda has written extensively on parenting, science, and medicine topics for over 15 years⁴. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other national magazines and newspapers⁴. She has also written over 100 articles for Slate¹.

Her first book, "How To Raise Kids Who Aren't Assholes", was published in July 2021 and won a gold medal in the 2022 Living Now Book Awards². Her work has been recognized with several awards, including the 2022 Excellence in Science Journalism award from The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, the 2019 Bricker Award for Science Writing in Medicine, and her work was featured in the 2020 Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology².

In addition to her writing career, Melinda is a faculty member in the Science, Health & Environmental Reporting program at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/28/2023

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The g-f New World

The g-f New World is a concept developed by the Corporation. It represents a vision for the future of the world in the digital age². The g-f New World is built from the wise exploitation of the fabulous treasure of the digital age¹². This treasure consists of emerging technologies and multidisciplinary golden knowledge¹².

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

The g-f New World is heterogeneous and evolves powered by three powerful engines: PEOPLE, Emerging Technologies, and Multidisciplinary Golden Knowledge (GK)³. It offers a fabulous treasure tailored to each person, group, community, company, organization, town, city, state, country, region and the world in general¹.

To fully exploit the g-f New World and its fabulous treasure, "genioux facts" offers you GK juices (Golden Knowledge (GK) juices), g-f fishing ("genioux facts" fishing for golden knowledge (GK) from the fabulous treasure of the digital age), g-f PDT ("genioux facts" Personal Digital Transformation) and a fast digital highway to your greatness named GKPath (The Golden Knowledge Path)¹.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

In essence, the g-f New World is a realm enriched by the g-f Treasure trove, finely tuned for boundless growth². It's a world where technology is used for good, and where everyone has a chance to succeed².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/28/2023

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(4) Fernando Machuca PhD on Twitter.

 "genioux facts" summary

"genioux facts" (g-f) is an online program developed by the Corporation that focuses on "Mastering the Big Picture of the Digital Age"¹². The program is designed to help individuals understand and adapt to the digital age¹².

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

The "genioux facts" are building blocks of Golden Knowledge (GK) that can inspire us to create a better world¹². These facts come in various forms and complexities, but they all share a common trait: they are valuable pieces of knowledge that can aid us in some way¹².

The program is run by Fernando Machuca, a researcher, professor, and entrepreneur¹. It teaches people to think critically and creatively by transferring essential Golden Knowledge¹².

"genioux facts" describes the transformation of each person as the Personal Digital Transformation (g-f PDT). It is a process of continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning that enables individuals to adapt to the digital age and thrive in it¹².

The program also emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance between running and transforming. We need to run fast enough to keep up with the pace of change, but we also need to take the time to transform ourselves so that we can thrive in the new world¹².

The "genioux facts" are classified into one or more of five categories: A new, better world for everyone; The Big Picture of the Digital Age; The Big Picture of Sports; Coronavirus and other viruses; The Big Picture of Climate Change¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/28/2023

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This genioux Fact is classified as Viral Knowledge that means: The shareable and impactful information that spreads like wildfire through social media."

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genioux facts”: The online program on "MASTERING THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE”, g-f(2)1517, Fernando Machuca and Bing Chatbot, October 28, 2023, Corporation.

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