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g-f(2)1501 Reshaping IT to Fuel Continuous Business Transformation


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Introduction by Fernando:

The g-f New World is a vision for the future of the world in the digital age. It is a world of unlimited growth and prosperity, where people are empowered to learn, grow, and thrive. It is a world where technology is used for good, and where everyone has a chance to succeed. The g-f New World is a hub of diverse knowledge driving universal growth through AI, Personal, and Digital Transformation¹. It steers humanity towards adaptability, innovation, and informed choices in the dynamic Digital Age¹. Fernando Machuca is one of the authors who has written about the g-f New World¹.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/25/2023

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Golden Knowledge (GK) in the g-f New World refers to the extraordinary quality knowledge that emerges daily¹⁴. These precious insights, known as GK, continuously blossom, fostering enrichment and growth⁴. They constitute the heart of the digital age's treasury, known as the g-f Treasure³⁴. This treasure is an inheritance tailored for boundless expansion³.

The g-f New World and its fabulous treasure can be fully exploited through GK juices (Golden Knowledge (GK) juices), g-f fishing (fishing for golden knowledge (GK) from the fabulous treasure of the digital age), g-f PDT (Personal Digital Transformation), and a fast digital highway to your greatness named GKPath (The Golden Knowledge Path)⁵.

In essence, Golden Knowledge in the g-f New World is about harnessing the power of knowledge in the digital age for continuous learning, growth, and transformation¹²⁵.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/25/2023

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In this genioux Fact post, the digital savants Claude and Bing Chatbot demonstrate their prowess as extractors of Golden Knowledge (GK).


As enterprises pursue continuous transformation, IT is reinventing itself - adopting customer-centric mindsets, optimizing cloud usage, building innovation teams and more. This genioux Fact post explores strategies to reshape IT for digital success.

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

genioux GK Nugget:

"IT transformation now demands going beyond adopting new tech to reimagining core processes, structure and culture - the goal is empowering, not enabling, business priorities."

genioux Foundational Fact:

Reinventing IT to drive continuous enterprise transformation requires strategies like nurturing startup mentalities, taking a product focus, and embracing business-aligned agile delivery.

10 Relevant genioux Facts:

Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

  1. Become truly customer-centric - understand user journeys and align to outcomes.
  2. Do cloud right via FinOps and refactoring legacy apps.
  3. Build dedicated innovation teams focused on emerging tech.
  4. Change perspective - see IT as a strategic innovator.
  5. Adopt a lean startup mentality - move from armies to SEAL teams.
  6. Advance agile maturity with business collaboration.
  7. Take a product view - organize around outcomes over infrastructure.
  8. Break down silos by integrating IT and business resources.
  9. Set business-oriented KPIs tied to real-world impact.
  10. Provide training and tools for new ways of digital working.


As digital transformation accelerates, reinventing IT's structure, strategy and mindsets is key to empowering enterprises with the speed and agility to compete.


The GK Article

Mary K. Pratt, Transforming IT for digital success, CIO, October 23, 2023.

The article "Transforming IT for digital success" discusses the importance of transforming IT structures and strategies to fuel continuous business transformation¹. It highlights that most IT functions have seen budget increases, support for more staff, and higher involvement in shaping enterprise strategy¹. However, many IT departments are struggling to reshape themselves to better meet the mandates of today¹.

The article suggests that only 8% of companies are moving to adopt a strategy of Total Enterprise Reinvention, while 86% are transforming parts of their business rather than the whole¹. It emphasizes that this reinvention goes beyond the adoption of cloud, agile development principles, and cutting-edge technologies. Instead, it's about transforming how IT itself works, scales, and evolves so that it can keep pace with the continuous transformation that the technology organization is expected to deliver to the broader enterprise¹.

Strategies to transform IT for digital success include becoming truly customer-centric. Organizations that enhance customer experience can boost sales by upwards of 7% and profitability between 1% and 2%¹. Despite this, many IT departments remain overly focused on delivering product requirements rather than customer outcomes¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/25/2023

(1) Transforming IT for digital success | CIO.

Mary K. Pratt

Mary K. Pratt is an award-winning freelance journalist based in Massachusetts⁵. She has a focus on covering enterprise IT and cybersecurity management and strategy³. In her past positions, she has covered a wide range of subjects, from community news to fashion to health and fitness³. She has written several books, with her most popular book being "Michael Jackson: King of Pop"¹². Her work is well-regarded in the IT industry, and she continues to contribute to the field with insightful articles like "Transforming IT for digital success".

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/25/2023

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