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g-f(2)1234 Generative AI: The Lighthouse for Customer Service

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Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

The “Positive Disruption: Transformation Revolution” has accelerated

The "Positive Disruption: AI Revolution" has accelerated

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In this lighthouse report, Uma Challa, senior director of Gartner's Customer Service and Support practice, provides a concise overview of the potential impact of generative AI on customer service and support. Challa presents 10 relevant facts that illustrate the current state of generative AI in customer service, as well as the potential benefits and risks of this technology.

Fact 1. While the latest advances in generative AI, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard, have propelled the technology forward, they can’t be compared to human agency.

Fact 2. The hype around workforce reduction needs to be quelled. As we stated earlier, Gartner predicts that investment in generative AI will lead to a 20-30% reduction in customer service and support agents by 2026, but not a wholesale shuttering of the live customer service function. Here’s why:

  • Fact 3. Generative AI is still not advanced enough to demonstrate human-like agency. It can be applied effectively to act as an assistant to service agents, automate recurring tasks, resolve low-complexity issues or perform specific tasks the generative AI model is trained on, but it cannot take on the complex issues that require human judgment to resolve.
  • Fact 4. Customer service organizations can’t wake up one day and decide to implement generative AI. Depending on the type of investment, it could take a few months or even a few years to adopt the technology depending on many factors such as access, language model type and risk management, which brings us to the third reason.
  • Fact 5. The use of generative AI comes with significant risks, such as exposure of sensitive data, inaccuracy (hallucinations) and bias in responses, which can be damaging to the brand and will prevent broader application of the technology near-term.

Fact 6. The use of generative AI in customer service and support is not limited to virtual agents. It has many other applications, including the ability to generate content, provide content utility functions, such as text summarization, formatting and translations, and other special purpose use cases, such as agent assistance or case summarization.

Fact 7. By initially focusing on improving the agent experience and productivity internally, service and support leaders can reap the benefits of generative AI while managing the risks.

Fact 8. Initially, leaders should invest in generative AI capabilities that help reps better serve the customer. More specifically, the generative AI use cases with the highest ROI are ones that provide reps with context around the customer, product and interaction, as well as guidance on how to best solve the customer's issue. 

Fact 9. In fact, our recent research shows that reps whose technology provides them with context and guidance tend to perform better than those without these capabilities.

Fact 10. It’s reasonable for customer service employees to be worried about the impact of AI. This worry has an impact - our research shows that when customer service reps worry that technology will replace them, attrition actually gets worse. In fact, reps who are very worried about being replaced by technology are 84% more likely to be actively looking for a new job than those who aren’t worried.




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