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g-f(2)1207 The Lighthouse of the AI Revolution: Top 10 GK, 7/17/2023

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Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age

The "Positive Disruption: AI Revolution" has accelerated

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AI is transforming the world, and we need to be prepared for the potential benefits and risks.

The AI revolution is transforming the world in ways we never thought possible. In this post, we delve into the top 10 golden knowledge containers (GKCs) about AI, gathered from a g-f Fishing on July 17, 2023, at 9 AM that yielded a collection of 80 GKCS. These GKCs were carefully chosen from a diverse range of sources, including news articles, scholarly publications, videos and industry reports.

Our top 10 GKCs encompass a broad spectrum of topics related to AI, from its potential advantages to its potential risks. They also present a variety of viewpoints on AI, ranging from optimistic to cautious.

Narrowing down our selection to just 10 GKCs was no easy feat, given the wealth of fascinating and significant information available about AI.

  1. msn, Axios Fact. In the AI revolution, humans make all the key choices
    • Even today's most automated systems are overwhelmingly shaped by humans — tech-industry participants, regulators and consumers.
    • Those working at tech companies decide which products to build and how to build them.
    • It's humans who will choose where to allow AI and where to bar it. And humans will pick the values that guide these systems and what data is used to train them.
    • These choices will determine whether AI improves all lives — or just locks in social barriers and deepens inequality.
  2. The Economist Fact. Your employer is (probably) unprepared for artificial intelligence
    • The biggest benefits from new forms of ai will come when firms entirely reorganise themselves around the new technology; by adapting ai models for in-house data, for example. That will take time, money and, crucially, a competitive drive. 
    • It could take years for the technology to become sufficiently cheap for mass deployment. 
    • Speculation about the consequences of ai—for jobs, productivity and quality of life—is at fever pitch. The tech is awe-inspiring. And yet ai’s economic impact will be muted unless millions of firms beyond Silicon Valley adopt it. That would mean far more than using the odd chatbot. Instead, it would involve the full-scale reorganisation of businesses and their in-house data. “The diffusion of technological improvements”, argues Nancy Stokey of the University of Chicago, “is arguably as critical as innovation for long-run growth.”
    • Best and the rest. The result is a two-tier economy. Firms that embrace tech are pulling away from the competition.
    • Surveys of small businesses are not encouraging. One, by GoDaddy, a web-hosting company, suggests that around 40% of those in America are uninterested in ai tools. The technology is undoubtedly revolutionary. But are businesses ready for a revolution?
  3. ZDNet Fact. This is how generative AI will change the gig economy for the better
    • Artificial intelligence will augment work and could add more opportunities to the job market rather than tank it, according to tech executive Gali Arnon. While some fear that AI will erase huge numbers of roles, Arnon argues that AI will accelerate the pace of job creation, augment work, and accelerate startup opportunities.
    • In an interview with ZDNET, Arnon, CMO of Fiverr, a platform that connects freelancers with work opportunities, says generative artificial intelligence is smart, but it can't dominate the economy because its capabilities are narrow and limited to specific tasks.
    • Ensuring the ethical and responsible use of AI is crucial for its successful integration into the workforce. Through collaboration between regulators, businesses, and AI developers, it is possible to strike the right balance between innovation and ethical considerations, paving the way for a more efficient and dynamic workplace.
    • "We need to find the right checks and balances," Arnon says, "but eventually, I really believe humanity will know how to use AI, and it will make us only better."
  4. InfoWorld Fact. The biggest barrier to AI productivity is people
    • Generative AI is helping us churn out vastly more content at remarkable speed, when what we really need is better content. It’s up to humans to put the focus on quality and value.
    • GenAI has the potential to significantly improve productivity whether you’re a developer or a white-collar office worker.
    • As I’ve written, unless you’re capable of creating code or content at a certain level, you won’t know when your GenAI tool has hit that level. Getting it wrong can range from embarrassing to disastrous.
    • People are still needed to fact-check and do quality control. So long as we use GenAI tools to augment but not replace people, we’ll derive tremendous benefits without stumbling into egregious errors. For the most part, we don’t need more, we need better. In my job, I encourage my team to do fewer things but at a higher level. Used properly, GenAI tools can help us do precisely this, eliminating some of the boilerplate of our day-to-day routines and allowing us to focus on higher-value, thoughtful work.
  5. Venture Beat Fact. The secret to enterprise AI success: Make it understandable and trustworthy
    • As critical sectors like healthcare continue to deploy models with minimal human supervision, AI interpretability has become important to ensure transparency and accountability in the system being used.
    • Transparency ensures that human operators can understand the underlying rationale of the ML system and audit it for biases, accuracy, fairness and adherence to ethical guidelines. Meanwhile, accountability ensures that the gaps identified are addressed on time. The latter is particularly essential in high-stakes domains such as automated credit scoring, medical diagnoses and autonomous driving, where an AI’s decision can have far-reaching consequences.
    • Beyond this, AI interpretability also helps establish trust and acceptance of AI systems.
    • AI interpretability is no easy task. While there are obvious benefits of AI interpretability, the complexity and opacity of modern machine learning models make it one hell of a challenge.
    • To sum up, there’s often a trade-off between interpretability and predictive performance. If you go for high-performing models, like DNNs, the system may not deliver transparency, while if you go for something simpler and interpretable, like a shallow network, the accuracy of results may not be up to the mark.
    • Striking a balance between the two continues to be a challenge for researchers and practitioners worldwide, especially given the lack of a standardized interpretability technique.
    • Moving ahead, AI interpretability will continue to evolve and play a pivotal role in shaping a responsible and trustworthy AI ecosystem.
  6. WIRED Fact. The EU Urges the US to Join the Fight to Regulate AI
    • On his way to meeting US officials, the EU’s justice chief, Didier Reynders, tells WIRED the US must deliver on talk of tighter regulation on tech: “Enforcement is of the essence.”
    • THE WORLD'S MOST valuable and dominant internet companies are based in the US, but the nation’s unproductive lawmakers and business-friendly courts have effectively outsourced the regulation of tech giants to the EU. That has given tremendous power to Didier Reynders, the European commissioner for justice, who is in charge of crafting and enforcing laws that apply across the 27-nation bloc. After nearly four years on the job, he’s tired of hearing big talk from the US with little action.
  7. Forbes Fact. How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Stock Investing
    • The symbiotic relationship between AI and humans allows both parties to work together toward the same goal of achieving investment success. Leveraging the strengths of both AI and human investors could enhance strategies, improve risk management and achieve optimal investment outcomes.
    • The rapid advancements in AI technology have revolutionized the way investors approach the stock market. As AI technology continues to evolve, it is likely to become an indispensable tool for investors.
    • In recent years, there has been a major shift in the way stock investing is conducted. And it's thanks to the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Investors no longer need to rely solely on human analysis and gut instincts to make investment decisions.
    • Today, AI has emerged as a game-changer, providing investors with powerful tools and insights to navigate the complex and dynamic world of stock markets. Drawing upon my extensive experience in both AI and stock investing, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of AI on the investment landscape. The integration of AI algorithms into stock analysis and decision-making processes has already begun revolutionizing the way investments are approached at my investment firm.
  8. South China Morning Post Fact. Global Impact: US-China tensions raise AI stakes, complicating an already messy tech war
    • Ready or not, artificial intelligence is coming, and it is reshaping the US-China tech war that has evolved over the past five years.
    • This fact was on full display at China’s largest conference dedicated to the tech, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), which took place in Shanghai earlier this month.
    • While the event attracted all the biggest domestic players, a single foreign sponsorship – from mobile chip designer Qualcomm – illustrated just how strained things have become for US tech giants trying to operate in China. 
    • This year’s conference at least had one big foreign public figure who could make headlines: Tesla and SpaceX CEO and embattled Twitter owner Elon Musk. This may not be particularly surprising. With Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory being instrumental to its global supply of electric cars, Musk has immense business interests in China. In an eight-minute speech, Musk’s enthusiasm for Chinese AI was on display.
    • In a conversation on Twitter, Musk also said he believes China is on “team humanity” when it comes to AI development, although Republican congressman Mike Gallagher disagreed, saying they acted more like they were “team genocidal communism”.
    • Some US tech firms made low-key appearances, including representatives from Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. 
  9. yahoo!finance, Business Wire Fact. Forrester: Generative AI Dominates Top 10 Emerging Technologies In 2023 And Beyond
    • According to Forrester’s The Top 10 Emerging Technologies In 2023 report, generative AI will begin to deliver significant return on investment for most enterprises in the next two to four years. To fully benefit from generative AI’s applications, firms will need to navigate its risks, including trustworthiness, evolving regulations, and potential intellectual property complications. Despite these risks, generative AI remains a top emerging technology to invest in due to its breadth of impact and ability to accelerate many other top emerging technologies, including autonomous workplace assistants (AWAs) and conversational AI.
    • Conversational AI, enabled by generative AI, is the second top emerging technology that will deliver the fastest ROI. 
  10. Forbes Fact. This AI Chatbot Has Helped Doctors Treat 3 Million People–And May Be Coming To A Hospital Near You
    • With millions of patients under its belt, digital health startup K Health is looking to scale its artificial intelligence technology in hospitals, starting with new strategic investor Cedars-Sinai.
    • The problem with turning to the internet for medical advice is that you can come away thinking that you either have a headache or a brain tumor – but the reality is you probably just have a headache. With K Health, Allon Bloch is creating an antidote to “Dr. Google” that ingests your symptoms and medical history via an AI-powered chatbot, sifts through the data of millions of patients and suggests a medical condition based on how you compare to other people like you. “We're trying to mimic the best doctor in the world,” says Bloch, 53, cofounder and CEO of the seven-year-old New York-based startup.
    • K Health has been working with academic researchers to evaluate the accuracy of its AI.
    • The app is better at some conditions than others. The study found high levels of accuracy for bladder infections and pink eye, but it was significantly less accurate for issues involving symptoms of skin rashes and abdominal pain. 
    • When it comes to implementing AI into medical practice, two of the most important factors are the safety of the patients and building trust among medical providers, says Jon Ebbert, an internal medicine doctor and professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, who was involved with the study. Even as AI models are validated and retrained with more data, there will never be 100% accuracy. 
    • For now, Bloch says K Health will continue to refine its models and build new ones. By this stage, two of his previous companies — Vroom and Wix (where he sits on the board of directors) — had already IPOed after 6 or 7 years of building. But he recognizes that the healthcare industry is more complicated and will take longer.

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