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g-f(2)1193 The Lighthouse of Personal Digital Transformation, The New World: A Story of Family, Tragedy, and Hope

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  • The Lighthouse of the Big Picture of the Digital Age shines a light on the journey of personal transformation, as told through the experiences of a Colombian family from a small town. Guided by their wise and compassionate mother, who imparted valuable lessons through popular sayings, the family remained tightly bonded and supportive through thick and thin. Alongside themes of tragedy and hope, the story underscores the significance of education in navigating the wondrous new world we inhabit.

    1. As a child, my mother taught us essential learned lessons with sayings from popular wisdom. Five brothers, three sisters, and two beautifully humble parents, with a gigantic human quality and a lot of wisdom. A middle-class Colombian family in a beautiful Llanero town, quite isolated from the country's development poles.
    2. My mother received complaints from her children and quickly resolved many of the conflicts between siblings with the precise phrase.
    3. “Where is Vicente going? Where the people are going.” Aidan Gomez, the CEO, and co-founder of Cohere and former researcher at Google Brain, recently said that we are herd animals [g-f(2)1173].
    4. “On top of the boy being a crybaby, the nanny pinches him.” France is a country that I loved before knowing it, that I loved more after enjoying it for several years when I was allowed to study my master’s and doctorate in computer science, and that I love even more now from a distance. A tragedy occurs. A 17-year-old boy does not obey the order of a policeman with an excellent record and dies from a gunshot. France is subjected to extraordinary, senseless violence.
    5. Parents are guiding lights when they are prepared to be so and educate responsibly.
    6. When leaders possess the qualities of knowledge, humility, and wisdom, they become shining beacons for those who follow them.
    7. We live in a new and wonderful world where every leader must show their greatness by cleverly exploiting the treasure of the digital age for their people [g-f(2)1100g-f(2)959, g-f(2)425].
    8. The treasure of the digital age provides us with incredible tools such as artificial intelligence assistants like Bard or Bing Chat Bot, who possess a wealth of knowledge and serve as guiding lights for us all.
    9. “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.”
    10. Nurture your knowledge, learn, develop your critical thinking, and grow without limits. Be part of the solution to make the world a better place for everyone.

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“genioux facts”: The online programme on "MASTERING THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL AGE”, g-f(2)1193, Fernando Machuca, July 9, 2023, Corporation.


PhD with awarded honors in computer science in France

Fernando is the director of "genioux facts". He is the entrepreneur, researcher and professor who has a nondisruptive proposal in The Digital Age to improve the world and reduce poverty + ignorance + violence. A critical piece of the solution puzzle is "genioux facts"The Innovation Value of "genioux facts" is exceptional for individuals, companies and any kind of organization.

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