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g-f(2)181 THE BIG PICTURE OF THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, 3/27/2021, Forbes, Linking L&D To Digital Transformation.

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  • It was a year of improvised solutions, decisions made on the fly and ad hoc fixes, but now it's time to iron out the wrinkles. Here's why leadership should look to leverage learning and development (L&D) strategies to drive business impact in 2021.
    1. New Thinking Around L&D 
      • When it comes to upskilling, reskilling and learning and development opportunities, it's surprising just how many organizations have been slow on the uptake.
    2. Flashback: L&D Pre-Pandemic 
      • Consider the research from our company, sourced from early 2020, for example: At the time, the majority of employees (65%) were actively pursuing professional development opportunities, and doing so of their own volition—independently of whatever their employers were (or were not) offering.
    3. L&D And Digital Transformation 
      • According to a study from McKinsey, the success or failure of digital transformation initiatives is largely dependent on two factors: 1) organizational culture, and 2) "behavioral challenges," which might include a willingness to adopt new tools or different workstreams.

Category 2: The Big Picture of the Digital Age

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Linking L&D To Digital Transformation, Graig Paglieri, Forbes Councils Member, March 25, 2021, Forbes.


Forbes Councils Member
CEO, Randstad Technologies Group U.S.

Graig is responsible for day-to-day operational leadership and strategic direction for Randstad’s professional staffing and solutions, including the Technologies, Engineering and Life Sciences line of businesses as well as the company’s technology consulting brand, Celerity. Supporting Randstad globally, Graig manages the Randstad Offshore Services teams to bring efficiencies and delivery back to the US market. Starting his career with the U.S. Marine Corps after college, Graig has since spent the last two decades in professional staffing, IT managed services and management consulting.

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